TOP 50 jobs in Canada

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Today is the top 50 of jobs ranking. I will focus on a few jobs which may interest us because of their particular specifications :).

Of course the rank was made between 2006 and 2012. the 2013 figures is not yet presented.

To introduce the first job which can interest electrical trainee engineer. I found in fourth position, Electrical & telecommunications contractor, this sector is growing very fast, about 87% hiring per year. It’s a real opportunity for little french engineer that we are to work there and the projected job openings for every person looking in 2020 is 1.09.the annual wages is about $72,800, so be quick and go work in Canada ;).

To the 25th position, I found a job which can interest students in computer science. Software engineer jobs was increased by 37%, the salary change is not high compared to electrical engineer but the wage is high and it’s about $79,997.

I am sorry for optronic students but I don’t found any jobs in their sector but you can visit the website and you can see other growing sector that may interest you.


to the next post, I will talk about famous canadian companies. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend.


Jobs in Canada

Did you know that every year, thousands of people go to work temporarily in Canada?
Why? Because Canadian employers needs to fill labor shortages. It’s a real problem in Canada.

To do that, It is necessary to obtain a work permit to occupy most temporary jobs in Canada. As we can see on this following picture, the distribution of unemployment between different province.


In most of case, the repartition is fair. a few specific sectors is recruiting in Canada: accommodations and food services, public administration and manufacturing.

In these sectors, employers are hiring, workers are treated well and the pay is getting higher and higher. Enough to make the mouth water :).


In the next post, I will talk about the top 50 jobs in Canada, so be patient ;).

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I am glad you are here. I think that is the best place to built my personnal Online home :). I am excited about the idea that you will follow me during  six months and you will like my posts ;).

The subject of my blog is about Canada.Image

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Why did I choose this topic?

In the future, I would like to live in this beautiful, dynamic and multicultural country.  I think that I can be able to open a lot of opportunities to me, such as a good professionnal situation. I mean that I can be able to improve my skills and I must say that the countryside in Canada is very beautiful. for anecdote, Canada is the world’s fourth most attractive country and I will not deny that I really want to explore all remote areas of this country.

In the next topic, Let’s talk about Job Opportunities.

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