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Obama will deliver beers to Canada

Let’s finish the day with an humourous story between the president of the USA and the president of Canada.

Obama have to deliver beers to Canada, but why? What is the truth behind this?

President Obama had lost a bet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the match between the United States and Canada in Olympics hockey in Sochi.



Image : Canadian players celebrating their victory on the USA

The White House will deliver two cases of beer at the Embassy of Canada in Washington on Monday, after President Barack Obama lost with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on hockey matches at the Olympic Winter Games. “We look forward to delivered two cases of beer brewed this Monday” has wrote the National Security Council (NSC firm foreign policy of the White House) on his Twitter account.

Hey, @connect2canada! Look forward to delivering two freshly brewed cases of WH beer on Monday for @pmharper from POTUS.
You can also see this following video which demonstrate how these beers have been made. Enjoy it.

4 responses to “Obama will deliver beers to Canada

  1. izby02

    Hello Thomas,
    Interresting, I saw the video, and that’s so funny…how they made 4 weeks just to finish making their beers made by bees honey inside the white house 😀

  2. tomaks

    You know sometimes workers in the white house need to ease off on the pressure. It is not surprising to finish all bottles in 4 weeks.

  3. radouaney

    This proves that Barack Obama is someone very easy day and especially not as our president.

  4. tomaks

    I am sure Holland drink a lot in the Elysée

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