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Canadian winter, some caution to have.

Canadian winter, in advance of going anywhere. You need to be equipped very well. for example you need this kind of item which can be very useful during cold period.



Image : Canadian winter brush

Why would you say?

Because in Canada you can be very surprised by the snow quantity on your car :), until 10 cm of snow.

We don’t know what we really need and what can happen during driving. So be careful and bring with some items which can make your life easier.

Bring with you an first aid kit and set up your wheel with winter tire or chained tire and have your vehicle serviced by a mechanic.

Now you are able to drive on canadian roads, aware of any issues which can occur.




Mac Kenzie ice road


2 responses to “Canadian winter, some caution to have.

  1. radouaney

    In my car in Lille, I always scraper to whip the windshield in the morning, but then if I think it will go to Canada to buy a size XXXL

  2. tomaks

    Worse you need an XXXXXXXXL schovel in Canada lol.I don’t know if you saw my video but there is 10 cm of snow 🙂

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