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Canada has crushed Sweden in Hockey

The Canadian Hockey team has crushed Swedish team in Hockey during the Sotchi Paralympic games. The final score was 10 – 1 for canadians. I saw the match and Swedish has been atomized..

Game Statistics

Canadians was very offensive in attack with 31 direct shots in 45 minutes. Not only the attack was efficient but the defense also contribute to this large victory. (Only 5 rings were directed towards cage).

One-way match

We all know that Canadians are the world champion in previous Sotchi olympic game. They demonstrate it during the first seconds of the match because only one minute elapsed before scoring.

You can see the Canadian Hockey team highlights, enjoy it 😉


2 responses to “Canada has crushed Sweden in Hockey

  1. Hi,
    For the final three referee were Canadian, do you think there was favoritism during the game?

    • tomaks

      I don’t think so. Canada is one of the biggest Hockey country in the world. accordingly, They have a lot of referee in Canada and the best one. You just ti see the final score. there is no push from referree 🙂

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