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Microsoft closes his studio in Victoria, Canada


According to an article in the Times Colonist, Microsoft has decided to close its studio based in Victoria (Canada) to “centralize and consolidate its resources.” Mainly focused on game design studio, which opened its doors in 2012, working on a “project still confidential.”
“It was not an easy decision, but we wanted to centralize our local developments in Vancouver. We are actively working with affected by the closure to find available positions in other studios and we want to maintain our presence in British Columbia employees. “

“No project has been canceled, the Vancouver office will take over.”


4 responses to “Microsoft closes his studio in Victoria, Canada

  1. Hi Tommy ! What are the actual effects for the employees ? Are they assigned in other companies ?

    • tomaks

      Hello dear friend,

      The effects for the employees its that they will be unemployed ^^.
      In fact, Microsoft will not be assigned all employees in other company because that’s not their job héhé.

  2. arzuaslan

    Do you agree with Microsoft solution or have you got any suggestion ?

    • tomaks

      In my opinion, Microsoft financial department lead the companies policy. If they want to increase their income by closing their studios.. they will do it.

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