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Canada is not an El dorado

It was believed that Canada where all things is easy,find work, good way of life,.. but disillusions did not take long. It is Thomas, a young graduated in computers who said this.

Did you know that Canada has more than 78.000 french expatriate which prefer to live in Quebec?

This reality is due to that a lot of french native speakers live there and there is a lot of opportunity to find jobs in computer science,education, traduction and more..

Canada is a country with a small birth rate and every year there is 250.000 new arrivals in work visa but it is not because we talk the same language that we think the same way. Canadians are first of all “north american”. The newcomers must take steps to integrate like in others country. 

In most of case, the newcomers should have a CV like the north americans, educations and experiences, human skills and business cards.

If you want to be engineer in Canada, be patient and in case of refusal, try to find and accept a job in a café as a waiter until you find a job corresponding in your studies because in Canada, this kind of operation is appreciate by employers, it valorize your skills in adaptation and especially, you need to be cold-adapted which isn’t a myth.


Source “20 minutes newspaper”.


6 responses to “Canada is not an El dorado

  1. arzuaslan

    Do you always plan to go in Canada? If it is yes why did you choose this country?

    • tomaks

      Thanks for your reply Arzu. Yes I always wanting to go in Canada cos of the particular multiethnic people who lived there. For me, it’s the main point of view.

  2. izby02

    Hello, Thank you Thomas for your shares. I love Canada, and I want to live there one day. I went twice for vacation because I have my sister living there. The first time I went there, I fell in love of the country specially “Montreal”. People are opened, friendly, everything is big there, it’s completely different, and it’s change the way we live in Paris 😉

    • tomaks

      Hi, Maybe we can go together in Canada? :).

      Did you looked for some way to live there or not? because we can match our research to be more efficient.

      • izby02

        Why not 😉
        Yes I have looked of some way to live there, I have even got a lot of companies cobtact to get a job directly from here. If you are interested I can give you some recommandations, and I ll show you researchs I’ve had

  3. izby02

    I meant contact of many companies

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