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Toronto one of the best city in the world?

According to Reputation institute, Toronto is the second city the most reputed in the world just behind Sidney.

The reputation institute is a consulting firm which list the most reputed cities in the world for 15 years now.


But in fact, some canadians don’t appreciate Toronto whereas the world appreciate it for the architecture and job opportunity. Canadians judge Toronto far too much negatif because of traffic jam, pollution, criminality.

The ranking take into consideration economic,environmental and political aspects. So that’s why Toronto is in the process of increasing its attractiveness. Since 2012, Toronto increase by 9% in reputation institute ranking.

Compared to Paris, life is good in Toronto than the french romantic city. In the ranking, Paris reached to the 22 position.


9 responses to “Toronto one of the best city in the world?

  1. I went to toronto two years ago and it’s a really cool city. Also there is plenty of work. Do you want to go to canada after your diploma ?

  2. radouaney

    Have you any idea why we are only the 21th ?

  3. arzuaslan

    In addition to your answer French economical status is decreasing with the lost of AAA and after AA… I have a question for you Thomas, we heard that Paris is the city the most visited in the world and in your article you say that it is in the 22 th position for the reputation. So what do you think about this contrast?

    • tomaks

      Hello Arzu and thanks for yours.

      You need to be aware of do not mix up the most visited country and the best city to live. In fact, Paris is a good city to visit with its lover but not necessarily to live and have a job.

  4. Thomy Thomy Thomy! Nice article! I’ve got a friend who go each years to Toronto, she always send me a postcard, the city is beauutiful 🙂 Where will you plan to go to work after our diploma?

    • tomaks

      Thnaks Emily :). Your girlfriend is very lucky to be there at this moment. I hope that she enjoy it.
      I don’t have particularly any city to work but I’d like to be in Vancouver and would see its beautiful landscape 🙂

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