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Canadian famous companies

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week end !

Today, I will focus on Canadian famous companies like AVI, Bombardier, RIM and ATI which are known by us.

The first one is based in Vancouver and  manufacture high quality loudspeaker drivers. All of you have already use this kind of decoder to play some video on your computer.

The second company is maybe the most known in France, Bombardier.

Bombardier was created in 1941 in Montréal and it is the unique company which manufacture together train and aircraft in the world.



The third company is RIM (Research in motion best known by Blackberry). It is a company which develop, manufacture and commercialise communication equipments.


And to finish, the last company is ATI technologies, the direct competitor of Intel. ATI manufacture microchip for our computer. We found ATI products on a graphical board, chipset. It becomes a subsidiary of AMD and ATI disappeared in 2010.



So see you next week for another post ;).


5 responses to “Canadian famous companies

  1. Thomy Thomy Thomy!! I didn’t know that your blog is about Canada, that’s a pity, I wrote a post to talk about this beautiful country last week! Maybe you can look at my post and leave a comment… 😉 One of my fan told me one thing that I would like to share with you…Do you know that the word “pancakes” has two parts? “Pan” and “Cake” because pancakes are cooked with a pan and it’s a cake! 🙂

  2. aguerder

    Bombardier a great company.
    But , explain how you think this company is spent designing snowmobile to train and plane ?

  3. Hi thomas ! I don”t knew that RIM was canadian ! Now I know where comes from my portable lol

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