Canada is not an El dorado

It was believed that Canada where all things is easy,find work, good way of life,.. but disillusions did not take long. It is Thomas, a young graduated in computers who said this.

Did you know that Canada has more than 78.000 french expatriate which prefer to live in Quebec?

This reality is due to that a lot of french native speakers live there and there is a lot of opportunity to find jobs in computer science,education, traduction and more..

Canada is a country with a small birth rate and every year there is 250.000 new arrivals in work visa but it is not because we talk the same language that we think the same way. Canadians are first of all “north american”. The newcomers must take steps to integrate like in others country. 

In most of case, the newcomers should have a CV like the north americans, educations and experiences, human skills and business cards.

If you want to be engineer in Canada, be patient and in case of refusal, try to find and accept a job in a café as a waiter until you find a job corresponding in your studies because in Canada, this kind of operation is appreciate by employers, it valorize your skills in adaptation and especially, you need to be cold-adapted which isn’t a myth.


Source “20 minutes newspaper”.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford deprived of its executive powers

On Monday, The Municipal Council of the City of Toronto has dismissed Mayor Rob Ford’s executive powers. Norm Kelly replaced him.


So why Rob was dismissed of his function?

he confessed of using crack and alcohol. He has his chair but he don’t have any power on the city, nevertheless he received a support from the prime minister Stephen Harper.



but in reality, councilors voted a series of motions that have made Norm Kelly, the new leader of the capital of Ontario.

Is it a Modern overturn?

Rob Ford has no longer the authority to preside or decide of Executive council which manage the city everyday and he promised to take the matter to court. “You have attacked Kuwait “, furiously said Rob about his colleagues. He vowed to bring a response as violent as that of George Bush after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq troops in 1990.


So wait and see.

Toronto one of the best city in the world?

According to Reputation institute, Toronto is the second city the most reputed in the world just behind Sidney.

The reputation institute is a consulting firm which list the most reputed cities in the world for 15 years now.


But in fact, some canadians don’t appreciate Toronto whereas the world appreciate it for the architecture and job opportunity. Canadians judge Toronto far too much negatif because of traffic jam, pollution, criminality.

The ranking take into consideration economic,environmental and political aspects. So that’s why Toronto is in the process of increasing its attractiveness. Since 2012, Toronto increase by 9% in reputation institute ranking.

Compared to Paris, life is good in Toronto than the french romantic city. In the ranking, Paris reached to the 22 position.

Canadian famous companies

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week end !

Today, I will focus on Canadian famous companies like AVI, Bombardier, RIM and ATI which are known by us.

The first one is based in Vancouver and  manufacture high quality loudspeaker drivers. All of you have already use this kind of decoder to play some video on your computer.

The second company is maybe the most known in France, Bombardier.

Bombardier was created in 1941 in Montréal and it is the unique company which manufacture together train and aircraft in the world.



The third company is RIM (Research in motion best known by Blackberry). It is a company which develop, manufacture and commercialise communication equipments.


And to finish, the last company is ATI technologies, the direct competitor of Intel. ATI manufacture microchip for our computer. We found ATI products on a graphical board, chipset. It becomes a subsidiary of AMD and ATI disappeared in 2010.



So see you next week for another post ;).