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TOP 50 jobs in Canada

Hello everybody,

Today is the top 50 of jobs ranking. I will focus on a few jobs which may interest us because of their particular specifications :).

Of course the rank was made between 2006 and 2012. the 2013 figures is not yet presented.

To introduce the first job which can interest electrical trainee engineer. I found in fourth position, Electrical & telecommunications contractor, this sector is growing very fast, about 87% hiring per year. It’s a real opportunity for little french engineer that we are to work there and the projected job openings for every person looking in 2020 is 1.09.the annual wages is about $72,800, so be quick and go work in Canada ;).

To the 25th position, I found a job which can interest students in computer science. Software engineer jobs was increased by 37%, the salary change is not high compared to electrical engineer but the wage is high and it’s about $79,997.

I am sorry for optronic students but I don’t found any jobs in their sector but you can visit the website and you can see other growing sector that may interest you.


to the next post, I will talk about famous canadian companies. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend.


4 responses to “TOP 50 jobs in Canada

  1. I am impressed by the number of people hired per year in the sector of ​​electrical & telecommunications, a very nice opportunity.
    The cost of living in canada, is it expensive?

    • tomaks

      To compare the cost of living between Canada and Paris in USD.

      For example in Paris

      Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 121.11
      Rent Index: 69.40
      Groceries Index: 120.21
      Restaurants Index: 104.20
      Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 96.09
      Local Purchasing Power: 89.02

      and in Canada

      Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 92.55
      Rent Index: 36.76
      Groceries Index: 97.85
      Restaurants Index: 81.60
      Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 65.56
      Local Purchasing Power: 111.18

      As you can Sebastien, it’s more easiest to live in Canada than Paris 🙂

  2. Hi Tommy ! It is very interesting to know how the life is different depending of countries !
    I traveled in Canada 2 summer ago and YES ! It’s a beautiful country !
    Can I live with you in Canada ? 😉 ❤

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