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Jobs in Canada

Did you know that every year, thousands of people go to work temporarily in Canada?
Why? Because Canadian employers needs to fill labor shortages. It’s a real problem in Canada.

To do that, It is necessary to obtain a work permit to occupy most temporary jobs in Canada. As we can see on this following picture, the distribution of unemployment between different province.


In most of case, the repartition is fair. a few specific sectors is recruiting in Canada: accommodations and food services, public administration and manufacturing.

In these sectors, employers are hiring, workers are treated well and the pay is getting higher and higher. Enough to make the mouth water :).


In the next post, I will talk about the top 50 jobs in Canada, so be patient ;).

Thanks for your reading and see you soon.


One response to “Jobs in Canada

  1. radouaney

    Thank you for your presentation on canada,
    Your topic interests me a lot because I want to go to work out there after my study.

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