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Welcome topic

I am glad you are here. I think that is the best place to built my personnal Online home :). I am excited about the idea that you will follow me during  six months and you will like my posts ;).

The subject of my blog is about Canada.Image

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Why did I choose this topic?

In the future, I would like to live in this beautiful, dynamic and multicultural country.  I think that I can be able to open a lot of opportunities to me, such as a good professionnal situation. I mean that I can be able to improve my skills and I must say that the countryside in Canada is very beautiful. for anecdote, Canada is the world’s fourth most attractive country and I will not deny that I really want to explore all remote areas of this country.

In the next topic, Let’s talk about Job Opportunities.

I hope to see you soon until then take care of you ;).


12 responses to “Welcome topic

  1. ppsliz

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Canada, thanks to your blog. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Great idea thomas ! It’s a big country, so where do you live in Canada? Do you like maple syrup?

    • tomaks

      Hello Nicolas,

      I do not live in Canada yet maybe in the near future. Regarding maple syrup, it has a very yummy taste but I think that I will wait the spring period because its taste achieved excellence at this moment.

  3. izby02

    I am following you because I’m interested Canada 😄. In fact, since 2 years I’m having all my vacation there, and I would like to live there one day 😉

  4. izby02

    I am looking forward to learning on your blog then.

  5. Hi Thomas !
    My cousin and a friend live in Quebec, near Canada. It is a beautiful country.
    I dream of my younger day to go in Canada to see Orca.

    • tomaks

      Yes it’s a very beautiful country, maybe with my posts, you will know more than you expected from this country. Maybe I can be able to make one post about Orca,it could be interesting to know more about Orca.

      Thanks for your post Maelys.

  6. arzuaslan

    Hi Thomas,
    Your blog look very nice. I want to learn more about this country and I hope you give us some details about Canada because my brother want to go there!

  7. Mathieu

    I’d like to make a big tour travel through all the Canada. I saw that it is possible to do it with a snowmobile.

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